sweetest pup | enjoying a bottle of our honeymoon wine [four bottles left, then we have to return] | finally got my calligraphy pen back out to practice

not pictured: sleeping with the windows open during fall-like nights, 10 of 28 miles down for this week, basically ignoring the world for three days so i could finish the secret history.

tim kreider on the people we become with our pets.


i started the secret history yesterday, and now i’ll be late for everything i’m supposed to be doing until i finish it.

the weekend.

my sister came to visit + we had an excellent girls weekend! when she got into town, we went to sam’s bottle shop to have a drink + look around. i made my new favorite homemade pizza [prosciutto, goat cheese, peaches, basil, balsamic] for dinner that night and we got to start catching up.

we both run on saturday mornings, so we got up early to do our requisite distances. i think she enjoyed her first tobacco trail run, and i was really thrilled with how well this week’s long run went. after that, we took riley to eno river to hike + swim. about halfway through our walk the skies opened up and downpoured for a good 20 minutes. we were soaked to the bone! it wasn’t that unpleasant, but it was nice to come home, shower, and warm up.¬†

i wanted to take her to some of my favorite durham spots that she hadn’t experienced before, so happy hour was at alley twenty six and dinner was at mateo. as usual, neither disappointed, and we enjoyed a nice long tapas meal. we were in the mood to stay out, but downtown was strangely quiet. we had a drink on the lawn at bull mccabes, and when things didn’t pick up, we decided to go home for our own “party” of cookies, beer, bridesmaids, and dog cuddling.

on sunday, we had a late brunch at foster’s market, an old chapel hill favorite. since she hadn’t been back to carolina in a while, we walked around coker arboretum + north campus. and of course, took a selfie at the old well.

sister H — thanks for coming to visit + love you!

whole-heartedly endorsing this songza playlist for surviving friday afternoon.

chocolate + packaging win | via honestly yum

warrior heart | yael meyer

on wednesday morning, i bought two enormous flower bouquets at the hospital farmers market. i may have gotten carried away, but the blooms were gorgeous and at just $8 a pop, who was i to leave them in the bucket?

last night i cut + arranged them into three vases so they’re now all over the house! on the kitchen table, in the guest room [where my sister is staying this weekend!], and in our bedroom [pictured above]. i was having a rough day yesterday, mentally, and i have to say that spending an hour working with these flowers did wonders for my mood. a little wine + cheese didn’t hurt either.

this week i realized it’s been almost exactly three years since mr. c + i left for one of our most epic travels so far — a few weeks in greece + turkey after he took the bar. i’m having some major sads and angst today, and re-living this incredible trip via my archives perked me up. a little.

[here are the posts, if you’re so inclined: athens, chios, santorini x2, rhodes, lycian way, butterfly valley, kabak, pamukkale, istanbul]

but you’re like, really pretty.

last night i got to host my former roommates/great lady friends for dinner. there were a couple pieces of good news to celebrate and we did that with some bubbly and a delicious meal.

heirloom tomato caprese pasta 

whole wheat linguine, heirloom tomatoes slightly roasted with olive oil + salt + pepper, mozzarella, crisp prosciutto, basil, and balsamic reduction

blackberry + blueberry crumble

this recipe, served with ice cream, easy + excellent.

it was a great evening.

blueberry + blackberry crumble | via green kitchen stories

[speaking of, i had the most incredible mixed berry cobbler at milltown on saturday night. i’ve become embarrassingly well-versed in berry desserts + this one was legendary. if you’re local, go snatch one up.]