one of mr. c’s closest friends had a horrible jet ski accident on sunday. not a collision, like a lot of such accidents — the jet ski spontaneously exploded while he was riding it on the lake [to my knowledge, no one knows yet exactly why this happened]. he was thrown up into the air and landed in the water. miraculously, he did not loss consciousness and was able to get to shore, but his face is destroyed in a lot of places. 

clearly we were both shocked + saddened to hear this news. he has been one of mr. c’s best friends since they were young and i have become friends with him + his wife as well. he had surgery almost immediately — titanium plates in his face, jaw wired in place, a trach inserted, multiple stints in his shattered nose, etc — and will be in the hospital for a while. everyone is incredibly thankful it was not worse, but it was still disheartening to hear yesterday that while he had been in good spirits at first, the reality of the situation was starting to sink in for him. 

as soon as we heard about the accident, we made plans to go visit him [in south carolina]. we’ll travel down there tonight and spend time with him + his wife tomorrow. we’ve already seen various photos of him, so we know what to expect, but it will no doubt be difficult to see this tall, fit, usually jovial guy in this condition. 

the tiny silver lining for us is that we decided to get a hotel room, instead of getting into town late and crashing with a friend, and have dinner out together. the past few weeks have been full — work, travel, the wedding, not much sleep — so oddly, despite the awful circumstances of this trip, we are both at least looking forward to the drive together and a quiet night away. 

10 fresh + filling salads from cookie + kate.

a few ideas for stepping up my lunch game.

sister H’s wedding weekend | part two | family time

i stayed in town on sunday and monday to help my parents and visit with our out-of-town relatives. they all live in the midwest, with one recently transplanted to colorado. it’s hard to get everyone together [luckily we’ve had three weddings in the past few years so it’s happened more than usual] but this was the first time in many years that every single aunt, uncle, and cousin [even my favorite great aunt + uncle!] was present — i was very grateful for this.

in a nutshell:

a yard party, an amazing north african meal for 19 cooked by my dad + mr. c, one incredible sunset, beers + cards with my brother + guy cousins, visiting, a trip to downtown wilmington, the cotton exchange, and the largest ice cream cone i’ve ever been served.

sister H’s wedding weekend | part one | rehearsal + wedding days

[sorry if you follow me on instagram and have already seen lots of these!]

in a nutshell:

crafts, mani/pedi date for the girls, a lovely house on the intracoastal waterway for the rehearsal dinner, successful toasts on both evenings, the newlywed “shoe game,” hours of ceremony + reception prep [!], a very awesome hair stylist, gorgeous spring flower arrangements, absurdly perfect weather, one beautiful sister, an A+ co-bridesmaid, great times with family, sunsets galore, a full dance floor, throwback family photos, and not much sleep!

serrano-spiced paloma cocktail | via cookie + kate

the weekend.

mr. c left for a work trip on thursday, so this weekend was all me. after work on friday, riley and i went for a walk and i had a solo sushi + wine date out in the sun. i caught up on the new mindy project episodes [and it would seem that riley is as big of a danny castellano fan as the rest of us!]. i loved them + am so glad this show is back.

on saturday morning i was up early and managed to crank out an incredible run, on which i was riding high for hours afterward. riley and i had a therapy dog visit at the ronald mcdonald house, and she rocked it yet again. i met up with natasha for brunch at rue cler [beignets! mimosas!] and then lauren + joe joined us for a couple drinks outside at motorco. it was a beautiful afternoon + i was happy to spend it with these friends. 

after everyone parted ways, i went home and picked up riley and we walked up to triangle brewery pint + plate. it was my first time at their new-ish spot and we sat on the little porch overlooking main street — i read my book + people watched. riley attempted to make friends with anyone + everyone in the vicinity. we met up with my mother-in-law,  brother-in-law, and niece EAC on the bull mccabes lawn + i had a great time catching up with them. 

on sunday morning i was up, well-rested, for a riley walk + grocery shopping before picking up mr. c at the airport! the afternoon was very low key and we finished out the weekend with the best tacos around.

wind and walls | the tallest man on earth

rainy monday morning music.


Anonymous asked:

Hi! I don't have a tumblr account but love reading your blog! Can you give more information about the bridal shower you hosted? Would love to hear about what games you played, etc. I am hosting a bridal shower for my sister in August and would love some ideas! In general, I'm not a big fan of most of the "traditional" bridal party games (toilet paper wedding dress), but you always seem to add an elegant touch to things! Loved the lip and mustache signs, did you make those yourself? Thanks!


hi + thanks! the event was a bachelorette party for my sister, but the “he says, she says” game would definitely be fun for a bridal shower too. i came up with 15 questions for the bride + groom to answer [separately/secretly] ahead of time. i put their answers [sans pronouns] together on a fun sheet and the guests had to guess who said what. it turned out to be really fun and pretty tough! i made the lips + mustache props myself — that’s how everyone “voted” on who they thought the quotes belonged to.

i also made a set of "ladies against humanity" cards. i got the idea from the tumblr blog — i used a few of their cards and made the rest up myself [and printed/laminated/cut them…whew!]. this was a huge hit if you have the time + a crowd with a good sense of humor.

the sparkling grapefruit vodka cocktails were also a big hit — the recipe is very easy and can be found here.

have fun party planning!


ramblingsofaweddedwife asked:

How is Riley liking being a therapy dog? We have Bodie signed up to begin training this summer, is there anything you'd recommend we work on before classes start? Enjoy your weekend!!


hi! it’s really exciting that you’re pursuing therapy dog work with bodie! 

so far, so good with riley. generally, she sees everyone as a potential friend + is thrilled to get any sort of attention, so our current visiting environment [they announce to the ronald mcdonald house residents that she is here, and anyone who wants to visit with her comes to the community room to spend as much time with her as they’d like] is working really well.

our next endeavor will be a little different — it will be a mix of casual visiting as described above, and also seeing patients in their hospital rooms, being integrated into their current therapy regimens, etc. she had a test run last week and did great, so i think/hope she will enjoy the more structured work as well. 

two of the biggest things they focus on in therapy dog prep are loose leash walking and being able to focus amidst distractions/not react to stimuli [people, noises, food, smells, other dogs, wheelchairs, you name it]. our cue word for focusing is “leave it” — it might be good to go ahead and choose a cue word, create situations with some of the distractions listed above, and start practicing [treats/praise whenever they ignore things/focus on you instead. just ignore unwanted behavior and try to re-direct them to you…no need for negative words]. this is really tough, but one of the most important skills for therapy dog work, so any extra practice you can give him would be so helpful!

also, try to start learning his stress signs. dogs can become stressed by all sorts of environments or situations — every dog has different triggers and different ways of showing it. some common signs are lip licking, excessive shaking [like “shaking it off” when they’re wet], and panting. it’s important to be able to read and advocate for your dog — i.e. avoiding certain environments you know are stressful, recognizing when he needs a break or is uncomfortable, etc. 

hope this helps + good luck!

if arriving to work and finding these on your desk doesn’t make for a #winning friday, i don’t know what does.

[one of our industry partners recently learned that the reason i got stuck in chapel hill overnight during february’s snowpocalypse was to work on their project. magically, this box of amazing chocolates + a thoughtful note appeared just a few days later] 

in other news:

- mr. c is in NOLA for a work trip until sunday. so far i’ve heard more about cocktails than meetings, but we’ll see how it all shakes out.

- last night i had a really lovely porch dinner with two of my good friends [+ former roommates, post-college]. the hostess made moussaka and i’m currently wishing i had snagged some of the leftovers — it was so delicious.

- riley + i went running this morning and she spent an awful lot of time goofing off [“hunting” squirrels, pretending she needs to pee just so she can sniff around in the grass forever, etc]. noted: never take riley if you’re going for time!

- tonight is for a solo sushi + the mindy project date. and a good night’s sleep so i can be up early saturday morning for a run + a therapy dog visit.

happy friday, friends!

scenes from a beautiful spring tuesday: cherry blossoms on campus + spending an hour in the park with riley, reading + sunning [side note — i am really enjoying tim kreider’s we learn nothing]

i’ve been pretty sleep deprived the past week or so. i stayed up late last thursday prepping for the bachelorette festivities, and then it seems my party pants were on a little tight — they didn’t come off the whole weekend. after a solid 8.5 hours of sleep last night, i am finally feeling back to normal. and we’ve got another gorgeous spring day on tap here in north carolina — i hope you do too, wherever you are!

the less you know.

realizing what a “serving size” of cheese looks like is one of the more alarming things that’s happened recently.

i won’t hear it and i won’t respond to it.

crazy | au revoir simone

[one of my] current favorites.

good morning, friends | spring…for real this time?

sister H’s bachelorette weekend | asheville, north carolina

[from both cameras — sorry if you follow me on instagram and already saw some of these!]

friday was for apps, pink cocktails, and a dinner party in our hotel suite. catching up, wine, basketball, a gift shower, bachelorette games, and ladies against humanity [it was a hit!]

saturday sent eleven beaded + bedazzled ladies out on the town for tastings at green man brewery and asheville brewing company [+ delicious pizza]. a pub cycle ride around downtown — red light socials, loud music, a hilarious conductor, and a serious leg workout [this really was so much fun — highly recommend for a group]. mid-afternoon tequila shots, checking out the new hi-wire brewery, and lexington avenue brewery. an amazing dinner at salsa’s and a dance night turned drag show to top it all off!

on sunday morning we brunched at tupelo honey before everyone went their separate ways.

i really enjoyed planning this party and the whole weekend was so lively — great girls + lots of laughs. and most important, the bride-to-be had a fantastic time!