the weekend.

a couple extremely relaxing days visiting my parents. highlights:

sleeping in

pool basketball

hours on the deck watching the rain, drinking beer, and playing cards

long walks with riley 

an incredible birthday dinner: prawns with tomatoes, olives, and arak + apple and olive oil cake with maple icing [both from the ottolenghi cookbook]

watching philomena

laughing until my stomach hurt with my parents + little brother

thanks for such weekend, guys!

happy monday from this tiny frog in a succulent.


deltadazzling asked:

Hey there! Sorry you had a rough day, maybe this will make you feel better...a question for your outdoor ventures/Durham expertise? Wanted to get outdoors for a bit this weekend with my manfriend, hows the American Tobacco Trail? Or what other walks do you suggest?


i love american tobacco trail. but i use it mostly for running and there are a lot of bikers too. if you’re looking for more of a hike — i.e. more woods, no pavement — i’d recommend eno river state park. i usually use the cole mill road access, you can get to a few trails easily from there and you could swim too!

if you don’t mind driving a bit further, umstead state park is really wonderful and there are so many trails there. you can also rent a boat for the lake. you could easily spend the whole day there.

in durham, there’s also falls lake. i haven’t been, but have heard good things.

the state parks pages for each of them [linked above] have maps/info for access points and trails.

triangle tumblrs, do you have any other ideas?

have fun!

the biggest of all my weaknesses.


what i’ve read lately.

for documentation and recommendation purposes.

friends of israel | connie bruck | the new yorker

the strange & curious tale of the last true hermit | michael finkel | gq

the troll slayer | rebecca mead | the new yorker

the dawn of the post-clinic abortion | emily bazelon | new york times magazine

difficult girl | lena dunham | the new yorker

the referees | joseph o’neill | the new yorker

how to talk about climate change so people will listen | charles c. mann | the atlantic

freedom fighter | alexis okeowo | the new yorker

america is not for black people | greg howard | deadspin

the masked avengers | david kushner | the new yorker

the many battles of nina simone | claudia roth pierpont | the new yorker

the art of fiction: an interview with amy hempel | the paris review

the stranger | albert camus

the secret history | donna tartt

[currently] the unwinding: an inner history of the new america | george parker

spicy roasted ratatouille with spaghetti | via cookie + kate

we made this last night. review: A+++

yesterday was such a cluster [in the world at large + with pretty much everyone i had to deal with] and i was still feeling a little salty last night during calligraphy practice.

[sorry, mom]

on the NFL.

footage of ray rice knocking out his fiancee on an elevator was leaked today. not that anyone should need video evidence, but i’m sure for some it will make things even clearer than they already are — the NFL irrevocably botched their handling of this situation.

it’s had my blood boiling for some time, watching the whole disgusting story unfold and watching people turn a blind eye for their love of pro football. as i said to a friend recently, explaining my reason for declining their fantasy football invitation, the NFL has never exactly been a beacon of ethics but with this case they grossly under-appreciated how serious an issue domestic violence iswhat it means for women and what it should mean to men. it isn’t just about this incident. our collective response to this very public case serves as our response to all victims of domestic violence, most of whom we’ll never know about.

sure, they updated their domestic violence policy, thanks to the uproar following rice’s 2 game ban. but the fact that players can petition for reinstatement after one year of their “lifetime ban” makes it pretty illegitimate in my eyes, as it’s easy to imagine how that caveat would be exploited should an extremely valuable player be the offender.

clearly, this should have never happened, and whether the video should have been released is in itself a problem-ridden issue. however this entire situation does provide an opportunity to raise the bar on our expectations for athletes everyone. so far that hasn’t been the case [see: lenient penalties and victim-blaming] but maybe with enough pressure that can change.

i was not a huge pro football fan to begin with, though i did watch with groups from time to time. but now, for me, there will no longer be any participation whatsoever in any NFL-related activities. i realize that there are plenty of innocent guys in the game who are just playing a sport they love, but giving any support to the institution itself puts me at a moral impasse.

[puppy bowl it is]

ETA: the ravens have now terminated rice’s contract. so keeping him on the roster was ok until everyone saw exactly what happened? do better.

the weekend.

it was pretty low key, but in a nutshell:

saturday long run

this run was miserable. literally — zero fun. it was hot, insanely humid, and i was never able to find the zone. and 17 miles is a really long way to not be in a groove. as i told mr. c afterward, we all know summer is my favorite season, but for this reason alone i’m ready for fall. hopefully this week’s long run will be better.

therapy dog visit

riley and i had a successful therapy dog visit at the ronald mcdonald house! the highlight was a young girl who was apprehensive at first, as she was afraid of dogs. her mom finally convinced her to pet riley and she ended up hanging out for half an hour, petting riley and asking all sorts of questions about her.

the best nap ever

i’m not much of a napper, but the hot run must have depleted me, and i slept for 2.5 glorious hours on saturday afternoon.

durham date

mr. c and i went to carolina theater to see calvary [highly recommend], ate dinner at the federal, and picked up a couple of the little cakes we love from beyu caffe.


lazy, lazy day. a walk with riley, grocery shopping, some time at the pool, dinner with one of mr. c’s co-workers + his family, and capping off the weekend with a drink, reading, and writing at alley twenty six.

bit the bullet. registered + broke in the new shoes.

bull city race fest 1/2 marathon | october 19

city of oaks marathon | november 2

time to get busy!

h.s.k.t. | sylvan esso

toe tappin’.

the weekend.

it was a low key LDW for us. on friday night we had dinner and watched a movie at home. saturday morning came early for me, as i wanted to get my long run in before the heat set in. i went downtown to run my old routes around downtown and duke campus because they’re very hilly and i need that practice for my two races later this fall, neither of which are flat + friendly. it ended up being an unexpectedly great run [new 1/2 PR!] and so i treated myself to flowers and an ice cold, fresh-squeezed lemonade at the farmers market. that afternoon, we went to my in-laws to visit with mr. c’s grandmother who was in town. the whole family was together and we watched college football and had a great summer dinner of burgers, corn, slaw, and strawberry pie.

back in town on sunday, we headed to triangle rock club to climb. we hadn’t climbed in years, but mr. c has gone a couple times recently with one of the partners at his firm and it re-sparked my interest. this climbing gym is incredible! i felt like a fish out of water on the wall at first, but it started to come back. i left feeling very happy + very sore! that night, we met up with one of his co-workers and her husband for drinks + dinner at motorco and geer street.

monday was incredibly lazy — reading, a nap, and a few hours at the pool, where i mostly stood in the water with music or my book, because it felt like the surface of the sun around these parts yesterday. we capped off the weekend with a couple beers at sam’s bottle shop. i was originally planning to take riley to the river this day, but see that sad picture with her little paws taped up? her terrible dog parents accidentally let the hot cement tear up the her foot pads so now we’re taking it easy until they heal. poor riley!