steel cut oats and cinnamon stewed fruit | via a house in the hills

we have a new nephew! we first met him at two days. he’s 19 days old now, but i wanted to have some good photos to accompany his “announcement.” he was a big boy — 10 lb 6 oz at birth [!] — and sadly for the little guy, that comes with its fair share of bruising and swelling. this past week, my sister-in-law said that he was finally coming around and was ready for his first photos, so i went over on saturday to snap some. isn’t he adorable? his big sister thinks so too. welcome, nephew LYC!

fall colors at the farmers market.

bull city race fest half marathon | weekend

this race was the highlight of my weekend! i’ve been training for a full marathon since july and the weather has been brutal at times. it’s finally turning cool + crisp, which makes running infinitely more enjoyable. on sunday morning, it was 46 degrees, clear, and just beautiful for a long run around durham. 

there’s not much to say in the way of a recap. it was a hilly course, but i felt incredible the entire time and had a lot of fun. i stayed with the 8:00/mile pacers from about miles 3-9 [i’ve never done that before, but it was really helpful] before breaking away on my own for the last stretch. looking at the splits later, i realized they had been pacing more around 7:50/mile, so that was a nice surprise. before i knew it, i was done and felt really thrilled to have a brand spankin’ new PR! mr. c and i relaxed in the park for a bit while i had a beer. then it was home for a hot shower and a nap!

the rest of this weekend was great too. on friday night, mr. c and i had dinner at dos perros and saw kill the messenger at carolina theater. i went downtown on saturday morning to go to the farmers market, grocery shop, pick up my race packet, and of course, get monuts donuts. on sunday afternoon, i went to a friend’s house for a fall-themed get together [complete with s’mores and pumpkin cake!] before mr. c and i met one of my favorite families for dinner. 

cinnamon streusel pumpkin coffee cake with maple glaze | via pinch of yum

the perfect fall cheese platter | via honestly yum

what i’ve read lately.

before the law: three years on rikers without trial | the new yorker

the revenge of rand paul | the new yorker

the stadivarius affair | vanity fair

the kings of the courtroom: how prosecutors came to dominate the criminal justice system | the economist [h/t meagan]

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current book: cat’s cradle | kurt vonnegut

run cried the crawling | agnes obel

can’t get enough of her lately.

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this just arrived in my work inbox.

happy tears.

how about this little guy i found on the trail?

last long run before the marathon. it was supposed to be 20 miles, but it’s 75 degrees and my body has been through the ringer this week, and eventually it just said “nope!” sometimes you have to listen.

congrats to all the amazing runners who did chicago yesterday! i loved seeing everyone’s pictures and updates. i’m excited to be in your shoes in a few weeks [i think!]

last week and weekend were a complete [+ wonderful] whirlwind. i had a conference for work wednesday through saturday in atlanta. i flew in a day early to visit friends and do a little exploring. the aquarium was incredible! my favorite part was the whale shark and ray tank — i spent a good half hour sitting in the dark auditorium watching them silently swim. afterwards, i met up with darcy before we picked up theo and took him on a quick trip to the zoo. you guys, theo is a peach! he is adorable, very chill + fun, and of course, has fabulous hair. i was so happy to finally meet him! darcy and i spent a couple hours sitting on the porch catching up before we met meagan and billy at sweet auburn bbq for dinner. the food here was excellent [the brisket!], and i was just thrilled to be spending time with a few of my favorite tar heels.

time flew after this — early morning sessions, lectures, long days, social events — straight through saturday morning. i always love this conference. it’s easy to get stuck in a bubble with your own projects and research, forgetting how much else is going into the same cause by other people in other places in different ways. i learned a lot, caught up with colleagues, and slept very little! 

one of mr. c’s good friends was getting married saturday evening in the georgia mountains. so i rented a car and headed up there to join the festivities. the wedding was held at a gorgeous spot in the mountains and the couple lucked out with great weather. admittedly, already being exhausted, i was not as fun of a wedding guest as i usually am. but it was great to see mr. c having such a large time with his good buddies. sunday was for planes, trains, and automobiles to get back home!

“More like Amendment DONE!”
— Yesterday was a good, good day here in North Carolina. Love wins! (via katiefizzle)