bachelorette beach weekend | september 6-9 | folly beach + charleston, sc

since i was without internet at home all last week, there is some catching up to do!

my ladies’ beach weekend was absolutely lovely and exactly what i wanted — a mix of relaxing time on the beach and more rowdy celebratory times with a beach house full of great friends. friday brought a nice day on the beach [save for one short rain shower], complete with sangria + cornhole. we enjoyed a couple bottles of wine on the porch during an evening thunderstorm and my mom + sister cooked up a delicious dinner of pizza + salads. we capped dinner with homemade limoncello courtesy of C’s husband. one of friday night’s activities was a very fun “newlywed” type game in which my + mr. c’s sisters came up with questions about the two of us + our relationship and videotaped mr. c’s answers. i had to answer the same questions as we watched mr. c’s version as well, and needless to say, hilarity ensued! luckily this was accompanied by a delicious champagne punch + other timely spirits. we topped off the night with bridesmaids and amazing cupcakes from charleston’s cupcake.

saturday morning brought another yummy meal [brunch!] with a mimosa bar — various types of champagne/sparkling wine with different juices and fresh fruit. a perfect way to start the day. we headed out for another beautiful day on the beach [no rain this time!]. saturday evening brought dinner at amen street and a bachelorette-appropriate tour of downtown charleston bars. and we’ll leave it at that.

once again, thank you ladies for such a fantastic weekend. and a special thanks to sister H, who planned all of the meals + special cocktails for the weekend. you throw a great party!