the weekend.

i spent three days backpacking in virginia with mom + riley. our 21 mile loop included stints in mount rogers national recreation area, the lewis fork wilderness, and the grayson highlands. we got to hike through many types of forest, see a cattle drive in action, had a sneak peak at fall color [which hasn’t hit the triangle yet], walked through coniferous forests that smelled like christmas, stood on the highest point in virginia, lucked out with two phenomenal campsites, and thanks to a friendly fellow backpacker, only had to pump water once [!]. riley was a champion trail dog, spending most of her time off leash leading “the pack”, keeping watch over our campsites, and generally looking adorable in her dog pack. the weather was perfect for backpacking — 60s during the day and high 40s at night. 

backpacking together is somewhat of a tradition for mom + me and i’m really glad we carved out the time to make it happen this year. we couldn’t have asked for a better few days to spend in the woods.